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How the power of 80:20 can unlock your AI success

Why choose 80:20 AI Consulting?

Because we harness the power of 80:20, the success formula that just keeps on flying: 80% of results flow from 20% of your clients, 20% of your products and services, 20% of what you prioritize. 

The arrival of ChatGPT and the others doesn’t change that, but it sure shifts the dynamic! 

You still need to attract the right clients, create the right products and services, put in the right sort of effort, ask the right questions, and know where to align your focus.

Now, though, you need to factor in how AI is going to shake up the way you, your industry, and your competitors actually do business. And make no mistake: there’s nowhere to hide, no matter how much you may wish you could.

So our mission at 80:20 AI Consulting is to tease out your best options and get you started. We want you positioned at the front as the AI race hots up, not clinging on for dear life at the back. 

On the way, we’ll help you identify the AI 20% sweet spot that delivers 80% of the results — whatever they look like for you.

Creating the right AI strategy for you

80:20 AI Consulting offers specialized, tailored consulting focused on helping you make AI your powerful, business-building friend.

Here’s how our two-step consulting process works:

  1. Our Principal Chris Downey first draws on his decades of software development and business-building experience to work with you 1-to-1 to develop the right 80:20 AI strategy for you
  2. After that comes training your software development team so they can implement your strategy effectively

Depending on your specific needs, this can include:

  • Setting up open source LLM (large language model) components and chatbots
  • Integrating advanced prompt engineering techniques
  • Empowering your chatbot to query proprietary databases
  • Using AI as peer-programmers
  • Applying TDD (test-driven development) to prompt engineering (very few businesses are doing this!)
  • Creating automated remote environments for AI-app development (when you need to rent GPUs in the cloud)

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We’re here to help you make sense of the AI landscape and tease out the practical steps you need to take as well as the mindset and culture shifts.